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Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Please ensure to review the following:

Terms of Service

Acceptable Use Policy

Abuse and Network Policy

We kindly request that you review our Terms of Usage and the Abuse and Network Policy prior to proceeding. It is highly recommended to read this AUP in conjunction with the aforementioned policies.

Important: You are responsible for securing your server. Any activity traced back to your server will be considered your intentional action.

Prohibited Activities

Spamming and Unsolicited Communication

  • Operating SMTP relays.
  • Unsolicited bulk or commercial messages, commonly known as SPAM. These include but are not limited to email spam, search engine spam, form spamming, or any other type of unsolicited mass messaging.

Content Restrictions

  • Hosting or distributing adult content.
  • Hosting, advertising, transmitting, or displaying any form of child pornography or obscene material.
  • Hosting or disseminating content that promotes discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Hosting or circulating content that encourages violence or contains slanderous and defamatory statements about others.

Financial Misconduct

  • Unauthorized financial transactions or platforms.
  • Fraudulent activities such as Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes.
  • Financial platforms operating without the required legal licenses.
  • Any other forms of fraud involving financial assets.
  • Unauthorized transfer, hosting, or distribution of copyrighted or trademarked content, including uploading and downloading.
  • Any use of BitTorrent or other peer-to-peer(P2P) download tools for copyright infringement, including Private Torrents.

Network Attacks

  • Malicious software distribution, including malware and viruses.
  • Denial-of-service attacks, including DDoS.
  • Running Botnet.
  • Unauthorized system probing, such as port scanning or hacking attempts.
  • Brute force attempts to gain unauthorized access.
  • Any other incidents related to network attacks that reported to our abuse team or recorded in databases such as AbuseIPDB.

Cryptocurrency Mining

  • Cryptocurrency mining activities.

Illegal Activities

  • Engaging in activities that violate laws in your region, our region, or where the server is hosted.

Detrimental Activities

  • Activities deemed harmful to our reputation, operations, or customer relations.
  • Actions against any code of conduct or service-specific guidelines.

Fair Use Policy

  • Unless otherwise specified, our resources are shared. We kindly ask you to use them responsibly.
  • Regularly monitor your server's resource usage to avoid overburdening the CPU or Disk I/O.
  • High network usage can affect others, including modified high-performance network optimization is used. Avoid overloading the system.

If a customer violates these agreements, Homura Network Limited reserves the right to terminate services, suspend the service, and delete the customer account. Payments made will not be refunded, and the customer will be held financially responsible for any damages or fines resulting from the violations.

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