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Abuse and Network Policy

Please ensure to review the following:

Terms of Service

Acceptable Use Policy

Abuse and Network Policy

Addressing and rectifying abuse incidents is paramount. Our Abuse and Network Policy, integral to our TOS, outlines the protocols and procedures against any unacceptable actions.

Abuse Policy

Abuse is categorized as follows (detailed information can be found in our AUP):

  • A. Network Attacks
  • B. Copyright Violations
  • C. Spamming and Unsolicited Communication
  • D. Miscellaneous Violations

Upon detecting abuse, the affected service will be suspended immediately. Customers have two business days to respond or clarify the incident. We may also undertake technical investigations. The customer is liable for any legal consequences or fines resulting from such incidents.

Intentional breaches lead to termination of all related services. Repeated violations authorize us to terminate all services and close the customer's account, without any refunds.

We reserve the right to open a penalty invoice, commensurate with our IP provider's abuse-related charges. Services associated with the abuse will be suspended until we receive the penalty payment. In cases of severe violation, we reserve the right to terminate the service without offering a refund. Moreover, for verification purposes, we may use third-party platforms to confirm your identity following such incidents.

In cases where a system appears hacked, customers are urged to enhance their security measures. Activities traced back to your server are considered intentional. We recommend using SSH-key verification and limiting access through password protection.

Proactive Measures Against Abuse

While we ardently champion user privacy and rights, and refrain from intrusive monitoring, we've implemented measures to curb potential abuse:

  • Port 25 Policy: Port 25 operates on an “open on request” basis. However, SPAM is strictly prohibited.
  • Firewall Monitoring: Firewalls monitor abnormal traffic patterns. IPs may be blacklisted due to false alarms. If access is blocked, reach out via ticket.
  • Resource Usage Monitoring: Acknowledging that unusual CPU or resource usage can be indicative of a compromised system or malicious activity, we are plan to develop an auto-notification and auto-pause system to address and mitigate such scenarios promptly.
  • Banned Default Ports: The following ports are banned (requests for opening can be made through tickets):
    • 25, 465, 587
    • More ports to be announced
    • For specific service packages: 22 (as indicated on the purchase page).

IP Replacement Policy

We don't guarantee accessibility beyond firewalls, including the Great Firewall. For services inaccessible upon delivery, we offer two free IP replacements within 24 hours, barring specific products/packages.

Subsequent replacements, post the 24-hour window or exceeding the initial two replacements, are chargeable at US$3.00(USD) or HK$19.00(HKD), 5-day between each replacement. IP replacements are strictly for accessibility issues. IP will be randomly assigned.

Request an IP replacement by raising a ticket. Providing proof of inaccessibility, such as results from an online ping test, is highly recommended.

If IPs become inaccessible due to software or script installations, you may use VNC or reinstall your server. We don't offer technical support for this. However, you can reach out to relevant communities where members might be able to help identify the problem if they have encountered it before.

Replacement timeframes are calculated from when the IP assigned to your service, till the associated ticket's opening time.

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